Be. Live. Move.

An Imaginative Life

It’s hard to complain about the stunningly sunny, warm summer we’ve had this year. But… there is something amiss. And my friend and I noticed it this afternoon (Saturday) while we were biking around the township. A thick haze had descended on the area, the result, I’m thinking, of several weeks of stunningly sunny, warm weather. The air hasn’t moved much.

We need rain. Now. Please and thank you.

The corn is tasseling and you can see the tops of the cobs on the stalks, but the corn needs water. This week. If we don’t get it, those cobs won’t fill out, there will be little to no crop and we will be very thankful for crop insurance.

When you drive around, you’ll see the corn leaves are all spiky. This is corn folding in on itself to protect itself from the heat and sun. It’s preserving moisture as best…

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Our brains are good to go for about 90 minutes at top, peak efficiency. After that, you need to break.

What’s the best way? Get up and move. In fact, moving more is the answer to just about any of our day-to-day problems. Been at your desk too long? Get up and move. Watch an hour of TV or more? Move more. Is your brain in a traffic jam?

Get up. And Move.

I know that if I can’t write or if my brain has gone mushy, I move. Even if it’s inside. I move. (Listening to Vivaldi also helps. So does playing 10 minutes of Hanon exercises on the piano!)

My driveway is, conveniently, 100 steps long. I get up from my outside office, toddle down two stairs, turn right. Seventy-five steps to the end , turn, 100 to the other end, turn and back to the steps… 200.

It’s protected from the wind by a row of evergreens. The scenery doesn’t change much, so I don’t get distracted; I don’t get the twitch.( What’s that? Oh, new weed growing there! Oh, there’s a beer can  to pick up. Good grief, that wind is strong.) I just walk. It calms my brain and  the logjam clears up.

A few laps on the driveway and I’m good to go. Got the idea for this blog post on the last round, in fact.

Go on, you know you’ve been surfing too long. Grab a jacket, get outside and walk. Don’t even think. Just go.

Other than walking, Vivaldi and Hanon piano exercises… what else works? And chocolate doesn’t count.

Do Be Do Be Do…Be.

I have all kinds of To Do Lists. One every day. Things I need to DO to achieve my goals.

A big part of my purpose in life is to develop and champion Harmlessness.

Rather than a To Do list… I’m creating a To Be List. And knowing that I’m one or two key BEhaviours from significant change, I’m going to put an emphasis on this for a week.

A Weekly To Be List… a quality I’m going to work on Being.

For this week, I’m going to work on Consistency and Focus.